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Description of Spinal Surgery

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Surgery (Photo credit: Army Medicine)

Minimally invasive spinal surgery or MISS in Texas does not apply to any one particular type of surgery. The goal of this type of spinal surgery is to achieve the same effect as with traditional surgery process, but to do so through very small tiny incisions. This also involves less trauma to muscles. Surgery is sometimes done through very small tubes like test tubes. There are minimally invasive techniques or MIT for several spinal surgeries, including discectomy and fusion. However, this method cannot be applied to all patients. Often, a minimally invasive method or MIM of placing pedicle type screws and rods is combined with a traditional fusion.

What to Expect Before a Spinal Surgery

Once you have decided to have spinal surgery which is exciting, the following events may take place:

What to Expect During a Spinal Surgery

(There are many types of minimally invasive surgery procedures or MISP, described below is one of the techniques for placing pedicle screws and rods.)

What to Expect After Spinal Surgery

surgery done March 1, 2001

surgery done March 1, 2001 (Photo credit: safoocat)

Your recovery from minimally invasive spinal surgery process in Texas varies greatly among all patients and is dependent on the exact type of spinal surgery as well as the age and health and condition of the individual. Return to work also varies greatly among patients and is related to overall health and the type of work you do. Call Us: (214) 396-3647 | (888) 373-3720
Fax #:  (888)238-9155 | E-mail Us

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